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Mustang Mach-e

Following the success of Go Electric 2019, the European Go Electric 2020 tour starts at London’s iconic Marble Arch. The immersive experience has been upgraded to celebrate the European launch of Ford’s all-new, all-electric Mustang Mach-E with a media launch event opening the experience. The reveal show contains a unique sequence that sees the whole of London being electrically super-charged to cue the unveiling.

Creative Directors: James Keane
Creative Lead: Erick Teixeira
Creative Lead (3D) Mark Spiller
Designers: Jason Claisse and Nazma Khatun (3D)
Artworker: Phil Rossiter
Producer: Emma Proud
Freelancers: Chris Strong, Andrew McKinna, Al Liddell, Andy Niemann, and Matthew Mood

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