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Pistol campaign

Danny Boyle's new six-episode series, based on guitarist Steve Jones' harrowing and hilarious 2017 memoir Lonely Boy: Tales From A Sex Pistol, tells the story of the founding member of the Sex Pistols' journey to becoming punk legends and that of his bandmates.

With a bold creative strategy, this campaign brings to life the sense of anarchy and the feeling of a lost and angry generation. In addition, it drastically changes the customer's perception of Disney+ as a streaming platform for general and adult entertainment.

The Global Premiere event took place in the UK.

Creative Director: Jonny Mazur
Senior Design Manager: Jay Thomson

Creative Lead: Erick Teixeira
Disney+ Design / Marketing / PR teams
Original photoshoot and Title Treatment: Hulu / FX creative teams

PR Event: Premier Comms / Snakes and Ladders

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